Bredon's Norton has very active social and village hall organising committees who produce a comprehensive calendar of events throughout the year. These range from musical soirees, quiz evenings and golf days to cricket matches, the Halloween "Spooky Walk" and the very popular "Progressive Supper" evening. 

A selection of photos from Bredon's Norton social events can be found on the Gallery page of this site - it's open to villagers and friends but, for privacy reasons needs a password for access. Please see the "Contact" page for how to request a gallery password.

 Social Calendar 2019

BBQ and Skittles - May 2019

BBQ and Skittles - May 2019

Safari Supper Saturday 14th September
Macmillan Coffee Morning Friday 27th September
Spooky Walk                                 Saturday 2nd November
Christmas Carols Event                 Saturday 14th December

Extract from August 2019 Newsletter (Issue No. 106)


Safari Supper

For those of you who are party animals, the upcoming Safari Supper on 14th September will undoubtedly satisfy both your appetite for surprise and social herding.

It’s a perfect occasion to meet new friends and old; to sample a range of superb delicacies and, best of all, to enjoy a tipple or too without having to worry about drinking and driving!

For those not so inclined, please disregard the temptation to take a pot shot at the beasts who might be meandering the lanes and ignore the roars of laughter that may be emitted from various households!

Spooky Walk

Sorry to mention it, but after the Safari Supper the nights will be drawing in and our next event on the social calendar will be the Spooky Walk. Horror of horrors! This year it comes after the clocks will have been put back on Saturday 2nd November …. perfect conditions for ghouls and ghosts to come out to play!